February 15, 2020

Recalibrate Solutions Selected for Rockies Venture Club Impact HyperAccelerator

Recalibrate Solutions, One of Eight Companies Selected to Participate in the 2019 Rockies Venture Club Impact HyperAccelerator

What is a HyperAccelerator

The RVC hyperaccelerator is a one week ultra-intensive boot camp program where you’re drinking from the fire-hose the whole time. We’ve taken the critical elements of venture capital preparation and condensed them into a super-intensive program that gets you from zero to sixty in the shortest possible time.

One-of-a-kind programming.  You'll get access to concepts and advice that are not available elsewhere.  This is the insiders guide to funding and scaling a startup.

The program is based on the proven curriculum developed by Venture Capital for Dummies author, Peter Adams who has taught this elements of this program  nation-wide, on-line, at RVC sponsored training events and at the Colorado State University MBA program for years. Now you can get the same program information and coaching that MBA students have paid thousands of dollars for in just one short, but exhausting week.  But to be clear - this is NOT an academic program.  This is a hands-on, real-world, venture readiness program with insights into the minds of investors and how to succeed not only at funding but in growing and scaling your business to a successful exit.

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