TOOLS FOR PROFESSIONALS Allowing Real-Time, Cost-Effective Monitoring of Stress System Health

Why We Are Here?

Decades of research has linked exposure to childhood adversity to a range of long-term negative outcomes, including the famous large-scale ACEs study which reported in 1998 that exposure to childhood adversity dramatically increases the risk for 7 out of 10 of the leading causes of death in America. The effects of stress exposure can begin to accumulate in the womb, and early childhood stress in particular, can have serious long-term effects including for achievement, depression, addiction, risk-taking and suicidality.

Today, there are no accessible, cost-effective, tools available that can readily be deployed to monitor stress system development - for example in the context of home visitation or child wellness visits.

Envision the Day When Monitoring the Health of a Child’s Stress Response System is an Integral Part of Evaluating Child Development

Recalibrate Solutions' Evaluation Tool

The Solution Begins with Identification

To change the trajectory of children experiencing toxic stress, we must be able to monitor the stress response system's development and identify when the system may be off track. Recalibrate Solutions is developing an assessment tool to evaluate the stress response health of all children. For such a tool to be useful, it must be:

  1. Fast
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Simple to use
  4. Accurate
  5. Measure Biology

Our assessment tool is a five-minute, disposable, saliva based, cortisol test that can be conducted using 2-3 drops of saliva. It requires minimal training and can be used with children as well as adults.

How It Works

Our Roadmap

We have big plans for the future!

Q4 2021

Impact Assessment

A number of intervention and home-visitation programs have been deployed to combat the negative effects of toxic stress in children. However, most programs lack the tools to determine if they have corrected the biology underlying these negative effects. Recalibrate Solutions’ first product, a simple, portable, rapid-test, will allow the evaluation of a program's overall impact, and its success with individual children.

Q1 2022

Intervention Research

The research community is working to develop new interventions that combat the negative effects of unhealthy childhood stress. Currently, researchers wait for months, or years to determine if an intervention is effective. With the Recalibrate Solutions tool, researchers can monitor intervention efficacy every week, allowing 'rapid-cycle' intervention development.

Q3 2022

Clinical Monitoring

Fourteen child wellness visits are recommended during the first five years of life. At those times, development of several physical and mental systems are monitored. If a child has a dysfunctional stress response system, their long-term health outlook may include learning disorders, depression, addiction and seven of the ten leading terminal illnesses. However, child wellness visits do not include an evaluation of the stress response system. With Recalibrate Solutions' tool, monitoring the development and health of a child's stress response system will be possible during child wellness visits.

Meet Our Team

Bryon Bhagwandin, PhD

Bryon Bhagwandin, PhD

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Biomedical Engineer, Startup Executive, Medical Product Development Expert, Medical Device Regulatory Expert

Sarah Watamura, PhD

Sarah Watamura, PhD

Co-Founder / Chief Scientific Officer

University of Denver Professor & Chair: Psychology, Founding Co-Director: Stress Early Experiences & Development (SEED) Research Center, Developmental Psychobiologist, Intervention Developer, Stress System Development & Early Intervention Expert

Philip A Fisher, PhD

Philip A Fisher, PhD

Advisory Board - Translation & Intervention Science

Philp H Knight Chair: Psychology, Professor: University of Oregon, Rapid-Cycle Intervention Developer, Clinical Scientist, Video-Coaching, Stress Neurobiology Expert

Katie Richardson, MD

Katie Richardson, MD

Advisory Board - Medical

Pediatrician, Innovation Leader, Startup Advisor, Physician Consultant, Entrepreneur

Lorez Meinhold

Lorez Meinhold

Advisory Board - Policy

Executive Director: Caring 4 Colorado, Former Senior Policy Director: Keystone Policy Center, Former Senior Policy Advisor: Governor Hickenlooper, Former Senior Health Advisor: Governor Ritter

Kenneth Fricklas

Kenneth Fricklas

Advisory Board - Operations

Entrepreneur, Technical Generalist, Speaker, Author, Cofounder: TEDxBoulder, Startup Advisor & Mentor, Lean Startup Expert

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