Portable, Stress Biology Monitoring for Children

Our technology allows professionals to easily evaluate stress-response health in homes, schools, and clinics

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Envision the Day When Monitoring the Health of a Child’s Stress Response System is an Integral Part of Evaluating Child Development

Decades of research has linked exposure to childhood adversity to a range of long-term negative outcomes. Early childhood stress in particular can have serious long-term effects including for achievement, depression, addiction, risk-taking and suicidality.

Today, there are no accessible, cost-effective, tools available that can readily be deployed to monitor stress system development - for example in the context of home visitation or child wellness visits.


In America, 16% of infants and children are at risk for stress related illnesses. Their stress lies under their skin. How do we find those kids?

Recalibrate Solutions is developing a 5-minute, disposable, saliva-based, cortisol test to evaluate stress response biology in children


Our Founders

Reaclibrate Solutions was started in 2018 out of the founders' passion to see every child have the best opportunity for a healthy, happy future


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Consortium for Technology and Innovation in Pediatrics
University of Denver
Gary Community Investments
Promise Venture Studio

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